Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014


I don't know how long it tooks me to write a new post.
My last was about 5 months ago.
Before summer, this summer full of happyness , friendship and family.
I think I will tell you about my summer in a further post.
In these 5 months a lot of things happened.
I went to a lot of different places, it was sunny, than it was rainy, my hair isn't even really blonde anymore and a lot of other, not really interesting stuff.
Also other things changed, like my lifestyle.
I always had these days , on which i thaught, why am I on this plante , what is my province.
There were also a lot of days on which i wasn't really happy. (of course every teenager has these moments)
It changed. I'm not really one of those "YOLO" (you only live once) persons, but oh my god we really do. We only live once! So why shouldn't we be happy , dance on the tables every night, do crazy stuff whatever we want to do, just beeing who we are. Why shouldn't we? I thought about that a lot lately. I changed my attitude , ok that sounds really ridiculous . I am one of the happiest persons at the moment and not because I won in the lottery , have a boyfriend, got new shoes, a new phone, or traveled to NY. No just because I am happy.  
Maybe in 10 years we will regret that we didn't enjoyed what we had. 
Ps: Don't judge me for my english , i don't even know why I'm writing in english. 

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